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Failure is the best teacher

When hiring new talent, I look for character because skills can be taught and learned, that’s the easy part. For example, our interview process puts candidates through a case study exercise. This allows us to evaluate their writing and presentation skills. Importantly, we want to see how the candidates respond to a challenge – whether they are able to champion and defend their ideas. This gives us a sense of their character.

Building Brand Resilience in the New Mediascape

The shifting media landscape as well as changing consumer demands have indeed transformed the entire marketplace. The digital and social media platforms have created a “crisis” for traditional marketing and public relations.

Fake News is Big News

From a simple expression often used by US President Donald Trump to variously describe news and comments by his opponents and detractors, “fake news” has certainly taken on a global dimension.

Regaining Trust Post GE14: A New Hope for the Mainstream Media?

Weeks after the watershed May 9 elections, Malaysia is still in a state of immense flux. Not just the political landscape, but the ripple effects of the Pakatan Harapan victory is being felt on all fronts.

Employee Communication: Five Elements to Build Winning Brands

Different people have different interpretations of what brand building means. Sadly, many equate advertising campaigns or logo changes to branding exercises – which only scrapes the surface of holistic brand building.

Public Relations Trends For 2018 Interview on BFM

Principal Partner and Managing Director, Andy See speaks to BFM on some key Public Relations trends of 2018 and what businesses can expect in order to stay ahead of the ever-changing communications landscape.

Positive Psychology in Communications

We commonly read, hear and tell stories about the challenges, faults and failures of society and organisations. What would happen if we applied the principles from positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive, to communications? Andy See and Sulynn Choong speak to Tasha Fusil at BFM on the fascinating possibilities when art meets science.

Developing Award Winning Campaigns

How do public relations and communications agencies come up with award worthy campaigns that make a difference? Our Managing Director, Andy See together with KW Thong and Jacey Lee, representing the Public Relations Consultants' Association of Malaysia, share their insight into some of the winning campaigns highlighted at the Malaysian PR Awards 2012/13.

POP@Perspectives 3

We recently organised our third installment of POP@Perspective, where we invite speakers to share new Perspectives, Opinions and Point-of-views in the field of communications.

Listening to stakeholders: Creating Meaningful Relationships

Managing stakeholder relations is a lot about listening. Without embarking on a listening exercise, corporations would simply be guessing what their stakeholders want or expect of them. Andy See Teong Leng, AMIM sheds more light on the subject.